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About Us

Who we are? Actually, we are some jobless guys who has big concern about education in our country. Since we are not political organization nor a teacher, we do something that we can do: making games

What's your dream? Our dream is to make creative contents which can lead to a better education for kids, youth, and also adult

But why choose the world "Sekolah"? We do understand that Sekolah is a place for kids and youth, but please don't forget that we always learn something new everyday. We want to build something that will help you reach new things in life, and we mean it. We want to make sure everyone has the right to get proper education - in our humble way.

So if you have the same passion with us. Please, Join Us!

Our Services

Game Production

We create our original game and we loved every single one of it

Company Game

If your company needs a game, you know you can always tell us !

Game Maintenance

We are also an official partner of Kotagames Platform

Website and Others

We suggest you to contact our brother @Oninyon

Our Games

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